Services - 24 Hour Monitoring 2

Getting value for money from your CCTV System If your objective is to prevent damage and the loss of assets then you need to ensure you can take action at the time that intruders who are about to attack your premises.


This can only happen with live remote (off site) monitoring. Intruders can be seen approaching the premises and immediate action can be taken to warn them off before they get into the premises, or deter them from staying there or alternatively getting an emergency response that would attend to provide damage limitation and positive action to protect your assets. Incidents normally occur when you are not there.

We can provide new installations or we can engage your current CCTV systems at very low cost to get your remote (off site) monitored very quickly from our National Control & Monitoring Centre. Use with overt or covert cameras and operate Pan, tilt and zoom functions. If you are going to invest in a CCTV system make sure that you get value for your money by have an operational effective system of monitoring. Cameras alone do not do the trick.

If the need arises we will respond with incident vehicles or inform then police to ask them to respond. Our innovative and effective CCTV and ancillary security solutions provide you with the full pick and mix package stand alone or integrated systems, to protect people, property, critical assets delivering real cost and operational benefits to our clients. We always use the latest quality technology including IP based security systems and can adapt new systems to those previously installed if required. The Benefits of CCTV off Site remote monitoring and operation 24/7 active covers live CCTV off site monitoring



Maximum impact at minimum cost


Consistently available no personnel risk or extra cost


Immediate as it happens situation


Combined front line defense systems


Visual verification of events for police.

Fully skilled and trained operators to identify skilfully manoeuvre and analyze on screen activity